Meet Our Team

Chiropractor Justin Woodside D.C.

Chronic Pain Snowflake AZ Justin WoodsideDoctor Justin Woodside is a chiropractor at Compass Medical Center in Snowflake. If you are struggling with neck or back pain, headaches or migraines, carpal tunnel, sciatica, or any other health condition please contact us today.

Chiropractor Lanny Crockett D.C.
Dr. Crockett practices at our Snowflake office.

Randall Crockett, PA-C
Randall practices at our Snowflake office.

Chiropractor Snowflake AZ Randall CrockettHello! I’m Randy Crockett. My grandparents helped settle these mountains in the 1800’s and I’m excited to live and raise my family here in the White Mountains now. I love my job as a Physician Assistant because I love the people that I get to spend my time with---YOU! I am dedicated to helping you find the most well rounded solution for your health and supporting your journey to wellness. I have seen a lot of patients improve and heal over the years and I look forward to helping you.

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  • Specializes in Family Practice and Urgent Care
  • Fluent in Spanish
  • Proficient in:
    • Infection Diseases
    • Hypertension (HTN)
    • Diabetes Mellitus (DM)
    • Minor Fracture Care and Cuts
    • Pediatrics and Adult Medicine
  • Degrees from BYU and St. Francis University
  • Over 20 years experience

Chiropractor Larry Davis D.C.
Dr. Davis practices at our Safford office.

Chiropractor Jenn Drake D.C.
Dr. Drake practices at our Grand Junction office.

Chiropractor Grand Junction Dr Jenn DrakeDr. Jenn Drake is a holistic chiropractor, speaker, health coach.
She serves anyone who is struggling with their health and missing fun in life; those who want to eliminate pain once and for all, feel great in their body and live truly connected!

Dr. Jenn is passionate about creating lasting relationships with her clients. It matters to her because she played small for years and knows what it is like to put others needs before her own and the pain and damage that it ultimately costs all those involved.

She took her power back and is committed to working with those who want and need that compassion and understanding. Dr. Jenn gives you the tough love that will tell you what you need to do to get the results you want and hold you to your best version of yourself!

Dr. Jenn believes it matters because we all matter! When you reclaim your healthy self, you will gain more certainty to take on greater challenges. When you feel better, you show up bigger! When people show up bigger, magic happens! It matters to future generations and it matters in your life now! Dr. Jenn creates an easy, actionable customized path that will help you live pain free, turbo-charge your energy and become a master of your HEALTH and life.

Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner Dr. Authumn Lewis

Chronic Pain Grand Junction AZ Authumn LewisHi, I'm Dr. Authumn Lewis, Board Certifed Family Nurse Practitioner and graduate of Colorado Mesa University doctoral program. I am happily married to my best friend Brice, together we have two beautiful girls Kodie and Payton. We have many animals including sphynx cats, dogs, hermit crabs and anything that crosses our path. In my free time I read, crochet, and spend time exploring with my family.

My educational background is in primary care of families. I have a special interest in rural health, pain management, functional medicine, and menopause care. As a nurse I have always taken a holistic approach to my patient's health. This philosophy has followed me through to being a nurse practitioner. Integrative medicine has provided the perfect home for this care. I am excited to be bringing my experience and devotion to the patients of Compass Medical Center. I look forward to getting to know you and being a part of a health journey.