Chiropractic Patient Testimonials

Take a look at the outstanding testimonials from our chiropractic patients at Compass Medical Center. Call us today to schedule an appointment at one of our four convenient locations Grand JunctionMontrose, or Snowflake.

"When I first started here I had an incredibly hard time walking, doing my job duties, doing my home duties, including holding my baby. I could only hold her for at most 10 minutes at a time before my back and the nerve pain in my feet would become too painful and I had to put her down or sit down. The more I came to Compass, the better I started to feel. After a certain amount of time I started to feel so much better and have improved so much. I still have bad days but they are becoming fewer and farther between. I can now interact with my children more and that means the world to me!"

- Julia

"In the first week of treatment I had already felt results. I felt more energetic, my headaches lessened, the pain is not as severe. Some days I can't wait to get in to get my treatments. Best place to go in from a stressful day at work. The team is friendly and they remember our names as soon as you walk through the door. The staff are caring and I enjoy going."

- Breanna

"The staff is excellent, the help is beyond belief! It is doing me a great relief on knees, back neck and the neuropathy treatment is great. Good stuff Maynerd! God bless! Ahh!"

- Don

"Compass Medical has made it possible to do more in my life than anything else. I am able to do more with my knees than I have in the past. I had PRP in both knees and have not had any pain in them and do a lot more things that I couldn't do before. I would recommend them to anybody who is having problems to try it out. I will do it again. They're awesome!"

- Trina

"I love going to Compass Medical Center. They helped me to heal from a terrible car accident I had almost a year ago. I thought recovery was not possible at all, however, I seem to be healing from head to toe. I am grateful for everyone involved in my care."

- Phyllis

"Everyone at Compass Medical is so awesome! From the chiropractic team, to the massage therapists (especially Carlos) they are professional, competent and compassionate! Veronica in rehab is the best with people, she makes you feel taken care of even if she’s got a room full of people! Lacey in reception always works with my schedule and knows me when I come in, every time! The folks in medical, Kristin, Efrain and Daniella have been wonderful with administering the injections. These professionals work as a team to get you to your optimal health! I will always recommend Compass Medical!"

- Theresa

"I have a lot of medical issues, since coming into Compass Medical I have been feeling so much better, sleeping better as well. The first time here, the front desk people were so nice and friendly. The medical staff is exceptional, the chiropractor is awesome and the massages are so wonderful. I have recommended Compass Medical to friends and co-workers. Very satisfied with all at Compass Medical. Also the people that come in for treatment are so fun. Staff like to laugh and have fun and seem to enjoy their jobs."

- Teresa

"Compass has done wonders. Help me a lot!"

- Harley

"Feeling in my foot, ankle and leg are waking up! I have feeling in the bottom of my foot and can feel steps and uneven surfaces. Balance is better. Happy camper here! Thanks to all!"

- Sandy

"I am so sorry I didn’t come here years ago! Glad I watched the commercial! I went to several other places for treatment but nothing improved me. I’m on my road back thanks to the wonderful Compass family! I’m counting on getting back in the saddle soon!"

- Danna

"Compass Medical is amazing! The neck and shoulder pain that I had been experiencing for years has improved so much and I feel so much better now! Everyone that works here is so helpful and I always look forward to coming here every week."

- Evelyn

"This is my 4th visit to Compass. I started coming for neuropathy caused by chemo. I had a really bad burning every day. Did not know what to think about the treatment they planned for me. My feet are doing so much better, the burning has really calmed down and they don’t bother me much at all. I have faith that Compass Medical will completely get the neuropathy under control, plus they are helping with my restless leg issues."

- Glennis

"Today is the 1st day in almost 2 years that I haven’t had to wear something on feet & they don’t hurt."

- Lorraine

"After Monday’s treatment with Veronica and Kyle, I felt good enough to go up to the Mesa and walk around. After 6 weeks of therapy with these folks and Candice’s massage, Adam’s adjustments, and TPI I am moving much better. Lots of thanks to everyone, Carlos, Efrain, Kristin and the rest. I am looking forward to the next 6 weeks. Couldn’t move side to side until Veronica rehabbed me and Kyle did the nerve therapy. Shoulders are working again! Thanks Jennifer for the great plan!"

- Mike

"Hi, my name is Ellen and I’ve been a client of Compass Medical Center for about a week. I’ve been here receiving treatments for neuropathy in my feet for a total of 5 visits so far. My treatments include massage, red-light therapy, vitamin injections, physical therapy and e-stim. I’ve already noticed a difference in the way my feet feel. I have better mobility and normal feeling in my toes where previously they were numb. The feeling of walking on bubble wrap has lessened slightly. Needless to say, I’m excited for the future treatments since I’ve seen results so quickly."

- Ellen

"I found out about your business from a commercial on TV. From there I made a phone call and explained my situation of tingling in my feet and after my surgery from my broken leg, my femur. This therapy has really helped me physically and mentally. I have made lots of positive changes in my life as far as a new home, new job, divorce (positive) and freedom from the negative. Thanks for all your team’s help! I have told several people about Compass Medical."

- Wendy

"I am a different person than I was 6-8 weeks ago and I am so thankful. When I first started everything was painful, sore and tense. My muscle spasms in the neck and glutes are pretty much gone. 🙂 The Supartz HA injection has really helped my knees and flexibility which has helped everything else too! I now have the tools to adjust and stretch out and help myself out at home, but I can come in as needed for massage, chiro and decompression.

I now can walk up to 2 miles, do light hikes, swim, garden and kayak. I had fears of falling before but now my stability and stamina are back.

My favorite inspiration is “a body in motion, stays in motion,” and that is my plan from now on. I can’t say enough positive things about the team at Compass, they make it a joy to come in each time."

- Lisa

"My story began in high school when I played catcher on the varsity softball team. Although there was no injury, the 4 years of being in a crouched position started to wear out the meniscus in both knees. I have been hiking in the Grand Canyon and hiked many mountains in Arizona and Colorado. I have had four meniscus repairs and the arthritis was close behind. I tried cortisone injections but that stopped working! I had done occasional exercises with no success. The pain and inflammation had forced my activity to be minimal. Stairs and ladders were so difficult that they almost completely avoided. So, when I saw the advertisement on Facebook the decision was made to look into the processes. My husband and I went to see the presentation and were interested in pursuing the PRP procedure. I have had one treatment and five weeks of stretching therapy. The stretching machine has changed my life! The fluid that was injected provided almost immediate relief with pain and inflammation. My activity level has more than doubled and I do not avoid stairs. I almost forgot to mention that I adopted a puppy last year and this had also motivated me to get more mobile so I could kind of keep up with him. He and I now go on daily walks and he behaves much better on the leash (he is still an excitable puppy.) I have gone from daily pain at the level of 7 to 8 to a zero pain with an occasional flare up if the weather is wet and cold. Side note - and bonus, I have lost 20 pounds!!"

- Sarah